Tuesday, October 21, 2003

[I'm afraid I'm not sure who this is from...contributor, please identify...sorry...]

You let out of it.
I ran it like that
for a spell and it
cleared up.

I never knew
what caused it,
but sometime
later it did it

again and I
choked it.
The whole „if
you‚re Œanti press‚

why publish?‰ argument
immediately started
climbing up the
back of my throat ˆˆ

but I choked it
back down ˆˆ and was
shot in the bathroom,
made me cry.

When I got it
home I choked it
and pulled it once
and it fired right up!

They were the arms
of Elvis choking. I
fought them hard; I
could not cede.

„There is no Devil!‰
I choked it out,
„And I‚m in the arms
of Elvis, too!‰

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