Thursday, October 23, 2003

Both The Wily Filipino and Gabriel Gudding pointed my attention to Googlism on "choke," part of which Gudding was kind enough to send to me:

Googlism for: choke

choke is offered in pressure
choke is on you
choke is the result of 13 years of continuous research and development
choke is on you last aired on
choke is a damn fine novel
choke is no exception
choke is the major
choke is also equipped with a set screw to lock the setting in place and avoid its movement due to vibration
choke is pulled open can be adjusted by bending the "u
choke is about taking the next step
choke is getting a mixed reaction from critics and fans alike
choke is what you might call a man's man
choke is the story of a young man named victor mancini
choke is pretty complete
choke is brilliant and extremely funny
choke is strangely familiar
choke is a documentary that follows three fighters as they prepare for the 1995 vale tudo fighting championship in tokyo
choke is considered modified with as small as
choke is to minimize the rf loss caused by the resistor
choke is a stab in the eye to anyone with
choke is very low
choke is one of the few worms to spread via instant messenger services
choke is usually late summer or early autumn
choke is quite high
choke is a replacement choke tube precision made of stainless steel
choke is a tru
choke is to reduce the air intake into the carburetor
choke is simply a tapered constriction of the gun's bore at the muzzle end
choke is no different
choke is a monthly magazine
choke is great for targets less than 20 yards
choke is a humane form of control that offers the advantages of a
choke is eminently memorable
choke is blued and designed to shoot either lead or steel shot
choke is ported
choke is an apologetic novel in which chuck palahniuk
choke is designed to close off the outlet spout of a bulk bag thereby allowing the partially emptied bag to be easily removed from the
choke is a constriction in the end
choke is placed subsea it has been designed to cope with all the conditions it is likely to encounter without
choke is a bilateral carotid choke
choke is
choke is equivalent to multiple turns of wire inside "their" choke
choke is king
choke is a difficult decision
choke is a
choke is glad to be back in canada
choke is a technique applied against the throat that cuts off or restricts the flow of air to the lungs
choke is an effective
choke is a critical
choke is situated at the pipeline inlet at the wells
choke is pcu divided by the square of the rated current
choke is called a "cylinder bore" and delivers the widest spread
choke is a worm which attempts to send itself through the msn messenger instant messaging program
choke is in open position
choke is leaking
choke is housed in a miniature surface
choke is constant and hence it is
choke is changed often without proper cleaning
choke is simple
choke is to pass
choke is food impaction within the esophagus
choke is perceived to be
choke is a terribly simple little thing
choke is very effective it can also be dangerous
choke is a caucasian male
choke is to build it directly into the fountain tube by compacting clay around a former known as a nipple
choke is up to the challenge of holding that pattern as tight as it should be at 40 yards
choke is in closed position
choke is watching with great interest to see if anadarko can finally realize the potential in the undervalued and underdeveloped upr strip
choke is to a shotgun
choke is very fast and very powerful
choke is made from 0
choke is very important to maximise your scores at the various disciplins
choke is on the chassis upperside
choke is the degree of constriction at the muzzle end of the barrel
choke is also a definite recommendation to all those not
choke is a fixed one or is it removeable? i use
choke is used
choke is a measure of the opening
choke is held too long
choke is 1k
choke is manufactured by shyam electronics
choke is the latest novel by stuart woods
choke is used when the engine is cold
choke is told from the point of view of a dropout medical student
choke is closed
choke is minimum
choke is like he throttle
choke is one that is often misunderstood

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