Tuesday, October 21, 2003

From Stephen Vincent:

My mother choked
Constantly choked
Still chokes
Has not finally choked

That’s the truth
The sad terrible truth
I confess
I confess for her

Dinner - the father, the children
Macy's - the perfumes
David's - the blintzes
Nixon - the jowls
Nixon again - more jowls

Choke against the rage

She's done it - Reagan
She's doing it - Bush
O mother
Do it again
Harder, harder - Bush, Bush

Do it till you belch your guts out
Belch all over
Bush & again Bush

Whatever they did
And whoever did it before they did

When you break the sleeve of your body
Crack the air
Vowel by Holy Vowel
Sing unto us,
O Sing unto us
Around the table
Father, brother, brother and brother
We who were
Will not be - O Sing unto us -
Slender & bright as Crimson silk
Rolled into the sky
A ribbon under whatever God
Gentle unto that loving, endless night
Absolutely, forever may it be
The total song Unchoked.

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