Thursday, October 16, 2003

"I Choked"

I didn't do it. I choked back the tears
and didn't sleep a wink last night.
Definition found in 1: "I laughed so hard
I choked on my spit!" Bottom line: my
frou-frou bottled water, my fanatical
apathy ruined my life.
Other people lose jobs = I make money.
Holdsclaw: I think I shed a tear--
oops--I think I choked her,
a little dark joint winking
in the dark warm narcotic American night.
Here's a tale of the annual company barbeque:
you sucked, i choked on an undercooked
mailing list. That's
what lack of Baan work does to you.
It looks like a really trashy
hotel infested your new layout.
Sweet Jesus, I choked on a cookie!!
Well, when it came time to use the knowledge
that I thought had been firmly ingrained in my head,
on my first real day as a Dartmouth student,
ready to get ya jugglar vein slit/ your now dealin with
the scallop at the eat off.
I choked on a radish and the radish
had no name.

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