Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Keep on chokin'...

From Jack Kimball:

We were headed to Miami. Oh pure transcendence!
Oh Boston sings! Yo Chicago to the rear!
And all grew hushed. But in that Boston silence
NY singled, homered and changed everythin dear.

Quiet creatures gather from the Bronx,
unhurried forest out of New York, and nest;
and so now Miami must have their stealthiness
that was not born out of cunning or of funks,
but just from chocking. Chicago, first -- the roar
seemed tiny to Boston hearts. And where before
there barely stood a bat boy to take this in,

a wailing crowd hides within the deepest darkest Fens,
for Boston lost its entryway as beanpots trembled --
as NY builds for Marlins thus a sacrificial temple.

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