Thursday, October 02, 2003

All of Aimee's Buckeye talk is reminding me of my high school geometry teacher, a fiftyish eccentric dandy and sweet guy who did things like wear a pink suit on Valentine's day. Anyway, every year on the day of the big Ohio State-Michigan game, he'd come to school decked out head to toe in OSU gear: Buckeye cap, jacket, sweatpants, the works. Then, during his classes (and he'd repeat this act for every single class during the course of the day) he'd stop in the middle of class and announce, "This is the day when the Buckeyes of Ohio State meet the Wolverines of Michigan." (He'd pronounce this last word "Meeeesh-igan"--does this have some significance, Buckeye fans?) As he launched into a stirring speech about the proud history of the game and of the Buckeyes, he would proceed to take off his clothes, piece by piece--at which point it would be revealed that he was in fact wearing many layers of Ohio State gear, until he was down to an OSU T-shirt and shorts. (Add this to the "you couldn't do that in school anymore" file, along with the time I menaced a squeamish labmate of mine during frog dissection with a pair of blunt scissors.) He would then draw himself up and give a rousing rendition of the Ohio State fight song, ending with a high note on the "O-hi-ooooo!"

In case anyone doubts this, I caught it on tape for our video yearbook.

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