Wednesday, October 22, 2003

From Sean Serrell, who says: "I hope the choke-wagon isn't so full it can't accommodate one more." Hey, there's plenty of room--jump on.

Choke Tubes/Chuck P.’s Choke/Kickin’ JC’s ‘nads

Until recently, everyone thought that by funneling a wad into a smaller stream under pressure, the spread could be concentrated at a distance onto a target. This cut-away illustrates the patterns produced by replacing the old "funnel choke" with a patented wad retarding system which stinks of either conspiracy or revolution, I can't tell which:

Go talk swearwords about God
You all will die, stupid humans.
Bye slut, go talk shit about me.
(Call me a 'psychophatt')

When people ask "What would Jesus not do?" I will have a clever response for them based on something I have done. What would Jesus NOT do? Disgusting Post Modernism, however I must point out that Jesus did in fact assault people. The most common hold is from the front with both the assailant’s hands around your throat. Since the two handed front hold is the most common, it will be the best to learn how to escape. Every man has had a sister, mother, wife or girlfriend that has mentioned "kicking a man where it hurts." The most important thing is to run away once you are free. Never stick around to see if your attacker is going to get up.

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