Sunday, October 19, 2003

Did You Mean to Search For: "I choked"?
Gary Sullivan

[for Tim Yu]

As I saw what had become of them
a horrified shudder fled through my skin
and I caught a gasp in my throat
I chocked on the gasp and as I chocked

it grew. When they gave me processed
stew I chocked just a little bit again I asked
Dude I just almost choked on whater
Sarah: water!! Lisa: hee Sarah: What's

worse i almost typed chocked Lisa: I chocked
on whater! Help! In other fine moments
of recent days I had the most awful tasting
cough syrup ever ... I think it was Bill's Ocean

the name escapes me now but I was glad to
see Bill! I chocked the wheels with beer cans
gagged a few times but he just laughed.
After what seemed like hours he finally came

I chocked on his cum as it shot into my mouth
"Please let me come" I chocked through tears.
I used to go to this little dinky porn theater
on Melrose and I gagged but continued to suck

Would it kill you to ignore those M&M's I ate
a couple days ago? Could you let those french fries
I chocked down yesturday just slide on by!?
Then, someone must have come and unplugged it

because I wasn't so happy anymore
I chocked it up to his being an ex-seminarian
standing there naked masturbating! I feel sick
every time I think about it.

At the time I chocked it up as an unimportant
forgettable drunken moment.
And then I chocked myself full of Apple n Peach
And then my stomach hurt. Hm, it's the meat

attacking me one last time! Yes, I think
that must be true because I chocked during dinner
too. Haha, yes, okay ... I chocked it all up
to being a new mother--all those new duties

nightly feedings diapers bottles laundry
I felt nervous and excited all at the same time.
"You look absolutely beautiful"
I chocked out as we sat down

"Take your time and order whatever you like
I love you girly. So, yah, the time when i
chocked on you hair very funny
for me ha ha ha i went blah morning evil

morning carnt think." "Megatron, new body,
stronger!" I chocked. Optimus patted my back.
"It's okay Son, Megatron isn't here." he said.
Suddenly my mouth became very dry I was

exhausted but I chocked that up to not
listening to an album. I mean purely
because of the album. I hope the songs
keep coming. Ah the Souls. Imagining

vampires in every corner I chocked
the door open with my short sword
and we carefully pulled each coffin out
before opening the lids ... nothing.

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