Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The new SHAMPOO is up!
(with a few poems from yours truly)


Dear Beautiful Person,

It will make you feel all tingly if you look forthwith at the star-studded new SHAMPOO issue 20:

Check out mind-altering ingredients by these super-gorgeous poets: Tim Yu, Stephanie Young, Kirby Wright, Marcus Slease, Alessia Sersanti, John Schertzer, Kate Schapira, Sarah Rosenthal, Jessy Randall, Lisa Radon, Shane Plante, Alvin Pang, Karyna McGlynn, Bob Marcacci, Brendan Lorber, Cassie Lewis, David Laskowski, Susanna Kittredge, Stephen Kirbach, Paolo Javier, Michael Ives, Yuri Hospodar, Annalynn Hammond, Kelle Groom, Andrea Gonzales, Heather June Gibbons, Raymond Farr, Mark DuCharme, Del Ray Cross, Tanya Brolaski, Andrew Brenza, Tim Botta, CL Bledsoe, Angela Ball, Carl Annarummo, Shane Allison; plus flaky ShampooArt by Brian Fugett.

Thank you for helping SHAMPOO serve up four years of the sudsiest poems ever.

Sexy poetry,

Del Ray Cross, Editor
clean hair / good poetry

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