Saturday, April 17, 2004

A Genealogy of Spoons
for Alli Warren

Some spoons only work in pairs.

Some spoons spread roots upward.

Some spoons swerve aside at the last moment.

Some spoons had tails.

Some spoons stick to tongues in all weather.

The spoon of Chicago consists of 9 bundled tubes, each 75 ft. wide with no columns between the core and the perimeter. It is clad in black anodized aluminum and approximately 16,100 bronze tinted windows.

Some spoons measure rhythm through a precise combination of instinct and technology.

Some spoons derive their shape from a walk taken by their inventor, Sir Isaac Newton.

A spoon has gender.

Turning the cold side up can help your spoon function more smoothly.

In the wild, a spoon would never show itself to us. Instead, it would prefer to burrow into the trunk of a maple tree and then strike without warning.

Some spoons are thinking.

To have a spoon in your cubicle is a violation of company policy.

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