Thursday, September 18, 2003

My fellow Illinoisans: Catch Kent Johnson live tomorrow night in Bloomington!

[Wish I could go...but two hours tired...must write cover letters...]

Washington St. Studio Readings and Gallery 305 Art Openings

All events take place at
Brian Collier Studio / Gallery 305
Washington Square East Building
***Corner of McLean and Washington***
(entrance on McLean)
Bloomington, IL 61701


Friday, September 19, 2003

5-8pm Gallery 305 Opening: "Reliquary," by Frank Miller

Award-winning photographer Frank Miller has shown his work in the United States and abroad. He is currently based in Portland, OR. Trained as a photojournalist, Miller also developed interests in surrealism early in his career; much of his imagery perches on strange boundaries somewhere between here and there, the familiar and the unknown, reality and otherworldliness. In these between-scapes, Miller explores alienation, loss, humor, and desire. Portfolios of past work, including three based on Miller's years of working in Japan, can be seen at

8pm Washington St. Studio Reading: Kent Johnson

Kent Johnson is a poet, translator, and editor. He has exercised those functions in relation to a number of poetry collections, including A Nation of Poets: Writings from the Poetry Workshops of Nicaragua; Beneath a Single Moon: Buddhism in Contemporary American Poetry; Have You Seen a Red Curtain in My Weary Chamber: Selected Writings of Tomas Borge Martinez; Third Wave: The New Russian Poetry; Doubled Flowering: From the Notebooks of Araki Yasusada; Dear Lacan: An Analysis in Correspondence; The Miseries of Poetry: Traductions from the Greek; Immanent Visitor: Selected Poems of Jaime Saenz; and the forthcoming books Epigramititis: 101 Living American Poets; Also, with My Throat! , I Shall Swallow Ten Thousand Swords: Araki Yasusada's Letters in English; The Night (Jaime Saenz); and Language Poets in Leningrad: Post-poems and Elegies, 1998-2003. He lives and teaches in Freeport, Illinois.

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