Sunday, September 07, 2003

An exhausting day of unpacking. It's hot and everybody is cranky, even the dogs; Jackie (Robin's mom's dog) barks at Terra every time she picks up a toy. We'd tried to settle the situation by giving them each one, but now Jackie barks any time Terra picks up either. They've also become competitive eaters: Terra ate both her food and Jackie's yesterday, but Jackie retaliated today. Last time I saw her she was in the middle of the living room chewing on a Dixie cup.

Books, books, too many books. The horrors of filling all the shelves and then realizing that there are still many more boxes to go. The added horror of caving in to double-stacking on the shelves. Shudder.

Our stove's broken but we have a microwave, so at least I was able to serve up some hot food: lasagna and eggplant parmesan on actual plates, plastic containers surreptitiously disposed of.

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