Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Misty's Restaurant
Lincoln, Nebraska, 8/30/03

Right next to the camping there's a half-mile
Downtown, east on the ninth street over,
Exit 101B. Another quarter-mile
West and you can see the seventh
Seal breaking the speed limit. It's a
65-40 minimum split
Between the country inn and its suits, a fair
Field of fire at the state fair. Park
Your car in Nebraska, a university
For the corn that's not in a museum or zoo:
Waverley 6, Omaha 52.
Settle in to that little salt creek; get control
Of your litter of puppies for the next two miles
At least. But the brothers of Sigma Chi Fraternity
Want no abbot at their sports complex,
Free to mount any old wahoo or truck.

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