Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Kasey does raise some good points, though. That there's a concern with how "to answer the inevitable charges of escapism, mystification, naive romanticism, etc." is evident from that "You Are James Meetze" result, which declares "You strongly desire to bring emotion back into 'innovative' poetry, yet you disdain pure confessionalism." Shades of the "third way"? Well, not exactly. It seems a bit more like what I see among a lot of younger poets: an impulse that is essentially romantic and expressivist (though not confessional in the narrow sense) but that is filtered through a skepticism and irony about self-expression that many associate, correctly or not, with Language poetry.

Maybe, then, this is the key statement in what James was saying:

The problem is that this model of langpo resides over the heads of my generation as both the ruler wielding, stern school-marm and springboard from which to forge onward. The problem is that langpo was a significant achievement in its time, about the same time I was learning to ride a bike, however, its time is over.

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