Thursday, July 03, 2003

Robin reporting from home:

There's a man playing with his son outside.

One of them seems to be playing "Lord Sinister"; the other is "Dr. Diamond." They're currently refueling their ships and reloading their torpedos. "Lord Sinister is not one to give up easily. 3-2-1 fire." It's a little difficult to figure out what the kid is saying because he has a bit of a lisp, but he seems to be saying that his father is doing it wrong because that's not what happened in the magazine. Dr. Diamond doesn't get buried by an avalanche, he slides down the mountain for some other reason, and there's something about a secret trap door.

Dad: We'll seek justice at once.

Kid: But they never discover who was in the trap, right?

Dad: Right.

Kid: But they never really discovered what happened. Right?


Kid: Johnny Hunter turns invisible, but Lord Sinister turns orange, oh, I mean invisible.

Dad: We have to make sure all the toys are inside.

Kid: Nooooo.

Dad: You don't want to lose them.

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