Thursday, July 31, 2003

I've invited everyone I can think of to the Postcard Poems reading this Sunday. You come too.

Today's the last day of my postcard exchange with Del. Day to day, the postcards let you not worry about the whole and focus on the local--whatever you can do in that space on that day. But now I find myself thinking back and wondering whether what I've written this month is going to add up to anything, whether it will make a whole or make any sense together. When I swapped with Cassie I tried meticulously to copy out every poem I wrote and save it in a file, but I've been lazier this time, so if something were to get lost in the mail this time it would really be lost. Ooh. Danger.

Going to have to resist the urge to write something melodramatic. Eh. Why fight it.

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