Thursday, June 05, 2003

Whatever You Want Is What You Want:
21 Responses for Jim Behrle

1. Critic & Poet = Lisa & Bart.
2. The Matrix is the matrix.
3. Rip every page out of every book you read and deface it beyond recognition.
4. John Ashbery and a stripper walk into a bar. The stripper says, "Isn’t it delightful that we’re not shaped by the past?" John Ashbery doesn’t answer, having been knocked unconscious by the sound of the past coming thunderously.
5. "Make it new" is something some old guy wrote on a bathtub, As
6. Opposed to washing himself in it.
7. You’re disappointing yourself.
8. I was trying to talk to my mom but she was too busy telling me how I needed a parachute to escape from my apartment and that they were on sale at Wal-Mart for $12.99.
9. I’m a firefighter disguised as an arsonist. You
10. Are the fire.
11. I think much better in the avant than in the post.
12. Spiral binding is oppressive. Saddle-stapling is oppressive. Glossy paper is oppressive. Post-It Notes are oppressive.
13. Maybe both.
14. If I met you in a dark alley I’d be the one with empty pockets.
15. Whatever you want is what you want and you are to want it.
16. Your story is a silent treatment.
17. Selling lies is a full-time job. Poets only work part time.
18. The 20th century sucked. The 21st is avant-suck.
19. I was teaching one day and one of my students raised his hand and asked, "Did you polish your shoes?"
20. Everyone who now has power will lose it to other people who will then have power.
21. Books are the matrix.

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