Sunday, June 08, 2003

Just back from a fabulous poetry swap at Del's place. Blog heaven: Stephanie, Cassie, and Catherine all there, along with Jennifer and Del. (We'll get them all blogging someday.)

We were all on time today (a departure from the usual range of half-hour early to two hours late), which was perhaps a sign that everybody had their A-games: some great poems, everyone trying to do something new. (Though I've noticed the habit of tenatively handing around our poems saying, "This is kind of different then what I usually do," then having the poem sound pretty much the same as our others.) Stephanie brought "Mercury Retrograde," her ode to miscommuncation, Del offered a brilliant/disturbing riff on eyes and twitches and fathers and soft pillows, Jennifer a set of images that juxtaposed schools and churches and hot henhouses, Catherine an allusive and self-conscious poem on the dangers of self-conscious allusiveness. I tried to provide a touch of clarity.

Bread of all kinds.

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