Thursday, June 05, 2003

Slow blog day--I think Long Nose P.B. took a lot out of Stephanie & Kasey.

Humanities Center end-of-year picnic. I got an award for "Coolest Shoes."

Then spent two hours at the emergency room with a friend who pulled/tore something in her calf playing frisbee at the picnic. She kept telling the nurses that she was injured trying to catch a frisbee "from a Macedonian," insisting that this was crucial medical information.

Emergency rooms are weird places, although not weird in the way they are on TV. It was mostly huddled family groups, each a little knot of anxiety but surrounded by a matrix of bureaucratic calm, eveything in slow motion. There was a boy crawling around on the floor with a dump truck and wearing a shirt that seemed to have big bloodstains on the shoulders, though he looked unhurt.

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