Wednesday, January 09, 2008

MLA Marathon Reading

Dodie Bellamy, Garin Cycholl, Kevin Killian
Okay, so it's been, oh, 6 months or so since my last entry. But I'm popping back up to share the slew of photos I took at the MLA marathon reading in Chicago. I tried to get a shot of every reader, but I think I missed a couple at the beginning and maybe in the second half when I got up to stretch my legs and raid the snack table. Aldon Nielsen's pics put mine to shame (he got that darn flag-through-the-window shot I was trying to get all night). Organizer Bob Archambeau and participant Philip Metres offer their takes as well.

Relive the whole thing at PennSound.

Also, I nominate Dodie and Kevin for most photogenic.

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