Sunday, July 22, 2007

Printers' Ball Broken Up by Police

They enter wearing poem-proof vests.
Each is armed with a Poetry Magazine
totebag. In close formation
they swarm the free tables for copies of Make
and Stop Smiling. The chorus
of pixies falls silent. Smokers
are escorted to the loading dock.
No more free half-hot dogs with everything
for you, I'm afraid. We flee
wearing nothing but hard hats and suspenders.
But still the door won't
close. Disperse, they say, disperse,
like clouds in a cloudless sky.


helene. said...

ah, so THAT's how it went down.

Oliver de la Paz said...

What, The Man doesn't like poetry or something?

My guess is that it's all Tim Yu's fault . . .

Tim said...

Well, they didn't start kicking people out until just as I was leaving. So I'm guessing they were thinking that without me it just wasn't worth having the party anymore.