Friday, June 10, 2005

Bernstein's Blog

Since when does Charles Bernstein have a blog?

And is it a blog? I'm not really sure. It says "Web Log" at the top but it's organized more like a traditional "what's new" page, with categories like "video," "essays," "reviews," etc. No daily entries telling us what readings Bernstein went to last night or how many papers he has left to grade or what he thinks of Star Wars Episode III.

Which is to say: c'mon, Charles, let out your inner blogger. Seriously. I'd read it.

(Thanks to Mme Chatelaine for the pointer.)

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Jesse said...

call for work

I am producing and editing a chapbook anthology for differentia books called, thematically, High Plains Drifting. What you need to do is make some high plains drifting in one (to two) pages of text. Address to: differentiabooks ~ Cite project name in subject line. I can process Word documents (while trying to acquire Pagemaker,) and inline email text and b&w (or sepia toned, or maybe color) images are fine. Selected original image gets the cover. One brilliant entry so far.

Jesse Crockett