Tuesday, March 02, 2004

A notice of Sunday's reading, courtesy of Li Bloom, who was first on the scene with a gift of flowers:

A Hit of Tim
Myopic Bookstore
Chicago, Ill
Sunday, Feb. 29, 2004

First tease of spring weather,
(Joan Rivers was interviewing on the
red carpet at the Oscars as I was leaving)
brisk drive downtown...(hellos to Chuck,
Tim, Tim's mom, grandma, various poets, et al.)

Tim's performing persona was sheer delight.
The dank basement promptly filled with the
wit and wisdom of his diverse and deftly crafted
poems. Selections from two chapbook collabor-
ations, recent poems, The Stanford Library
index card poems -(loved them), concluding
with the "Elephant & Castle" series.

Tim has impeccable enunciation and a mercurial
intellect which breezes through sound and meaning.
He uses crisp, authentic phrasings; deliberate
intent & humor; a technical wiz. 45 minutes of
fresh spirit & intellect .... adrenaline on my drive

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