Sunday, April 27, 2003

Stephanie--I'm sure there is a real person blogging for the dolls (although I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out it was generated by some kind of auto-blog software--although if we adhere to the principle "blogito ergo sum" then maybe that's a person too). Actually, I'd be comforted if either there was a different person blogging for each doll or if a single person blogged for all the dolls--like a puppet show, as you said, which would be kind of clever rather than gross. What I'm guessing is really the case, though, is that there's probably a group of marketing interns or something whose job is to generate text for the blogs--maybe by committee and all at once, so that it's then released piecemeal (like we accused Ron Silliman of doing way back when). So while I'd like to think that there's actually a human "author" back in there somewhere, I imagine that if you pull back this particular curtain there's really nothing there.

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