Thursday, March 27, 2003

The blogverse responds...

My remarks on the essayistic style of Ron Silliman's blog (well, actually, my quoting of Stephanie's remark that the essays could all have been written in 1987 and are being released one by one) drew a response from Silliman himself, who tells us that, alas, his posts are written at best a day or two in advance. While this in no way lessens my awe at his productivity, it does make me wonder to what degree a blog is meant to circumvent the usual channels of self-editing and self-censorship that plague any attempt to produce a piece of "real writing." I do find that I'm certainly at least turning over most posts several times in my head before they go up, and I wonder what's going to happen after the backlog of four or five critical thoughts I have on poetry are spit out.

More food-identification questions, I imagine.

Which reminds me: John Erhardt informs me that capers are berries. Ask and ye shall receive.

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